Paypal may stop working

20/06/2018 13:33

If you run an Ecommerce website or online shop and receive payments using Paypal, it may stop working from 30/6/18

You may have received email warnings from Paypal. Yes, these are real. Then a postal letter saying "ACTION REQUIRED BY JUNE 30, 2018 TO CONTINUE PROCESSING PAYMENTS".

Please act.

Contact us -        Phone : 07957 881953

Otherwise, you may lose payments and your website will no longer fully work.

Paypal is a method of receiving payments from customers on a website, as well as a way of paying for things on Ebay etc. Paypal from 30/6/18 are changing their security requirements to need TLS1.2 You may be running a Wordpress website or another type and do some upgrades to make sure it keeps working and you do not lose the main way you get revenue online from sales. PLEASE contact your website programmer or administrator or website company if you need HELP. Or you are welcome to contact us and we can do the work for you for a reasonable sum.    

We recently helped a website customer and averted a possible loss of sales, as their wordpress website was running older code and the Paypal test failed. We made some changes and run the test again. Here are the results of the test:-

TLS 1.2 Enabled

Your site should work fine when making calls to gateways and APIs that require TLS 1.2. You may still want to consider the actions below to secure your site as much as possible.

Setting Value Action/Notes
Endpoint (PayPal) PayPal_Connection_OK
PHP Version 5.6.0 PHP version 5.5.19 or higher detected.
cURL Version 7.36.0 cURL version 7.34.0 or higher detected.
cURL SSL Version OpenSSL/1.0.1i Make sure you are running OpenSSL/1.0.1 or higher, NSS/3.15.1 or higher, or the latest version of other cryptographic libraries.