Windows 10 updates

20/06/2018 13:40

Windows 10 has been updated (Spring Fall update) in March and again in May and these updates are lengthy and some have failed to work on some computers.

Microsoft have been making improvements and adding features to Windows 10. 

If your computer starts going slowly, look in Windows and Software Distribution folder and downloads. If the size of the folder is increasing, it is downloading the update.

It will ask you to restart the computer some time to enable your computer to apply the updates. This stage also can take many hours. 

I have been told that some people have lost working Windows installations as a result of some updates, possible due to lack of disk space. One required at least 5GB of free space. Always make sure you do not run down your free space below 10% of the total disk space.

Some of the new features require a powerful processor to work well. For example, there is a new video maker in the PHOTOS app. It does a lot of background processing, like looking for OneDrive, applying filters, making stories and albums from photos you have taken. It suggests a lot of things before you want them!  A bad idea if your computer is older and slower anyway. I can tell you, it will struggle to keep up. The new Photos app can use up over 1/2 GB of free memory easily.

The new video maker app is a good facility, and you can make a nice slideshow video quickly with your photo collections and it will time the transitions to the beat of the music. It will also do auto pan on the photos and has some nice text overlays for the title page (better than the old Movie maker program) but it can be slow and does still "crash" freezing up or bombing out of the window (exit app) without warning or error message given.

If you need help with using these new Windows facilities, please call us and we can provide onsite training (if local) or online via logmein or teamviewer call.

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